Gangway Security

We supply well trained Security Officers to perform access control (gangway duties), patrolling and normal guarding duties as per our client request.


Stowaway Searches

Vessels that visit the Ports we service, require Stowaway Searches upon departure. We make use of ex-SAPS dog handlers to perform Stowaway Searches with well trained detector dogs. The Security Officers are also well trained and equipped to perform said Stowaway Searches. We are covered by Insurance and offer a Full Guarantee.


Cash to Master

Cash is collected on behalf of the Agents and delivered to the Vessels upon arrival.


Transportation of crewmembers

We collect crewmembers and transport them to the vessel, Immigration, Doctor, Dentist and Airport. All our drivers have valid PDP and our vehicles registered with the Department of Transport.


OPL Services

Some of our clients require that certain services be carried out with launch boats. We also supply security for these types of services.



Some of our clients are not based in Port Elizabeth and require assistance with the collection and delivery of DHL type parcels, spares and collection of parcels and spares at the vessels.

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